In Flight with D.B. Cooper

In Flight with D.B. Cooper

In Flight with D.B. Cooper 2019 poster
27 November 2019

The audience from our 2018 performance of Skyjacker '71: The D.B. Cooper Transmissions demanded to know more about our local legend D.B. Cooper. Before he parachuted from the back of the low-flying passenger jet, into a dark and story night, and history, over Southwest Washington, with $200,000 strapped to his body, Cooper was alone in the economy section. The only person he talked with was Tina Mucklow, a flight attendant aboard Northwest Orient flight 305. Mucklow was twenty-something. Cooper was a middle-aged man with a bomb in a briefcase. What did he and Tina Mucklow talk about?

This contemporary radio drama, written by Dan Wyatt, Jr., imagined conversations between Cooper and Mucklow while enroute between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, Thanksgiving eve, 1971. We also speculated about one of the many mysteries still lingering around the only unsolved case of air piracy in American history.

Live performance by Metropolitan Performing Arts actors and other community volunteers at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Streamed live on KXRW-FM, Vancouver's community radio.

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This performance was recorded live. Listen now.

Cast & Credits

ANNOUNCER = John Barber
Captain William Scott = Greg Shilling
FLORENCE Schaffner = Meliss Matteo
Seat Stealing PASSENGER = John Barber
Unruly PASSENGER = Greg Schilling
BILLY Mitchell = Greg Schilling
D. B. COOPER = Dan Wyatt, Jr.
TINA Mucklow = Arianna Dorenbosch

Writer and Director
Dan Wyatt, Jr.

Foley Artist
Dean Lyon

Promotional Graphics
Laura Evancich
Dan Wyatt, Jr.

Live audience: 150

Press & Feedback

Hewitt, Scott. Kiggins To Host A CooperCon, New Radio Play about the Historic Crime. The Columbian, 21 Nov. 2019.

D. B. Cooper Story Returns to Vancouver. Clark County, 19 Nov. 2019.