The Fall of the City & R.U.R.

The Fall of City & R.U.R.

The Fall of the City and R.U.R. (2015)
7 October 2015

Re-Imagined Radio presented a live performance by Willamette Radio Workshop actors and other community volunteers at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. No recording available.


Directed and Produced by Sam A. Mowry


Both The Fall of the City and R.U.R. were experimental radio dramas at the time of their original broadcast and remained so with our re-imagined performances.

The Fall of the City focuses on the ambiguous relationship humans have with freedom. We want to be free but we also like order and structure, even if that order and structure is imposed upon us. How much freedom and liberty are we willing to give up to enjoy order and structure. Because of this ambiguity, we both fear and welcome the conqueror. LEARN more.

R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) dramatizes a fundamental tension for humans with robots: we want them to be workers who make our lives easier, but if those robots have the ability to think independently are they actually slaves that should have rights? And, if they can think for themselves, would they possibly overthrow humans? LEARN more.

Both The Fall of the City and R.U.R. were programs of The Columbia Workshop. The Fall of the City was first broadcast Sunday, 11 April 1937. The following week, 18 April 1937, The Columbia Workshop offered R.U.R. LEARN more.


The Fall of the City and R.U.R. social media graphic (2015)

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